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Articulation is how we pronounce sounds in words. I can help to correct that pesky R that is so difficult, or assist with more complex motor speech disorders such as apraxia. Motivation is key to making progress with speech sounds, so your sessions will be centred around your interests!  


Language refers to the production and understanding of language. Language delays can present in many different ways. Services can support "late talkers" who haven't been meeting their language milestones, individuals with social communication challenges or those who have sudden language losses as a result of a stroke or TBI, as a few examples.


Fluency refers to the smooth, forward movement of speech. Stuttering can be managed through strategies such as easy onsets and cancellations. It may also mean advocating for yourself and educating those around you! Learn more with me! 


Literacy refers to the ability to read and write. If your child is getting behind in reading and writing it may mean they need to get back to some of the basics such as building awareness of sound patterns and sounds in words to help with decoding words. Later literacy skills can include writing more complete narratives with all of the expected story components (e.g. plot, setting, characters) and creating more complex sentences.

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